“Until the House is built
And then the Props withdraw
And adequate, erect,
The House supports itself…”
The Props Assist the House, Emily Dickinson

In Spring 2019 we will open the doors of our new International Centre for Shared Reading in Calderstones Park, Liverpool. Following a £5m refurbishment The International Centre for Shared Reading will be a new major player in the international cultural landscape of Liverpool and the North.

The development of Calderstones is a key part of The Reader’s strategic plan and we are hugely ambitious for this project and the expansion of our Reading Revolution over the next few years. At Calderstones there will be readers and reading rooms, The Storybarn (our existing interactive storytelling experience for children and families), heritage activities, a variety of workshops and community groups, exhibitions, a shop, café and ice cream parlour, cultural events, special occasion spaces and an original distinctive art deco style out door theatre brought back to its original splendour.

At the heart of the Calderstones programme there will be Shared Reading groups, literary courses, Reader retreats, author visits and Reader training courses. There will also be weekly community groups in arts, gardening, craft, dance or other activities a community of willing volunteers will co-create with us.

Like our Shared Reading groups, it won’t matter where you come from, who you are, whether you can read or what abilities or experience you already have – you’ll be welcomed to join in all the social and cultural activities on offer at Calderstones.

About The Reader

We are the pioneers of Shared Reading – a simple idea that changes lives.

By bringing people together to read great literature aloud we are improving well-being, reducing social isolation and building stronger communities across the UK and beyond.

We want to make Shared Reading so widespread that everyone, whoever they are, wherever they are, can access one of our groups. To make that possible we’re building a movement of Readers.